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My Approach
Through our work together you will expand your awareness of how past limiting beliefs and habit patterns operate in your life and then how to build a new healthy future for yourself. My work is influenced by many diverse philosophies and individuals and is constantly evolving. Primarily I use Self Psychology, Systems theory and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I welcome any questions you may have about the work.

What You Can Expect
I listen to you. Honoring your needs is the core of the work. Helping you become more clear about what your needs are and how to get your needs met in session and in your life. Expanding self-awareness leads to more conscious decision-making, clarity and confidence

Inspiration and Influences
When I work with families I draw heavily on my Family Systems training. I have used many different therapeutic approaches and consider myself more of an "eclectic" therapist as every client is different and I have found that what works with one person doesn't always work for another. Your therapy goals drive our work. Primarily the frameworks I employ are; CBT, Psychodynamic, Self Psychology, and Family of Origin. I have found great power in the use of transparency, empowerment models, motivational interviewing, relational work and strengths focus. I continue to add to my "tool belt" currently exploring EMDR, mediation concepts, positive psychology and coaching techniques. Some of the more influential people for my professional development: My practice professor at PSU Matt Modrcin PhD with whom I had the privilege of doing a two year post grad family of origin group with as well as professionals at The Child Center and Options Counseling.

Bill McClain, LCSW
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